Wootton & Dawe






Studio 9
Great Western Studios
65 Alfred Road
W2 5EU



Art and Design & Art Management


We design and make objects.


We also display, transport (ship & airfreight), install and light sculpture and other Fine Art Objects.


A solution for a paricular piece might be simple and effective. In other locations a more complex plan is necessary.


A bronze plinth can be practical and impressive, but elsewhere a painted mdf box may be what is needed: We work carefully to bring out the best in a piece, in a particular location, and on different budgets.


We work in a wide variety of materials: bronze, steel, aluminium, stone, glass, ceramic, acrylic, wood, cement fondue, codestone, bricks . . . We work with specialist welders, metal workers, quarry-men, stone dealers , carpenters, electricians, acrylic workers and laser cutters.


3D design is mostly done in-house: We can quickly produce concept drawings for a Design or Fine Art display project.


We carry out installations ourselves where we can - we have the specialist equipment required for most jobs. We also project manage more complex exhibitions .


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Photograph by Annie Hanson.


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